In 1889 an immigrant boy found employment with a successful candy maker in Salem, Massachusetts. By 1892, he managed to save $41.00 and opened a candy store of his own. His name was Ira M. Chute. This was the beginning of Chute's Candies.

In 1959, his son, Ira R. Chute opened a candy store in the town of Millbury, Massachusetts. He carried on the traditions and recipes that were taught to him by his father.

In 1974, Lynwood Eaton purchased the business and moved it to its present location, the spectacular Eaton family farm, overlooking the historic town of Sutton, Massachusetts. Eaton Farm had its own history as a working dairy barn and there Lynwood began to create the wonderful chocolates he learned to make under Mr. Chute's tutelage.

Candy With A Tradition

Today, over 100 years later, Eaton Farm Confectioners is still dedicated to making the finest candy in the country. We still use recipes dating back to 1892!

We invite you to visit our store in the country, where the aromas of creating fine chocolates transport us to an era past. We are located in the Blackstone River Valley of Central Massachusetts. Take the country road to Eaton Farm Confectioners for your next sweet stop.